Sachet Set - Veve Ogoun
Sachet Set - Veve Ogoun

Sachet Set - Veve Ogoun

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Our fan favorite lavender-filled sachet sets include a hand embroidered sachet paired with two complimenting, solid-colored sachets. The sachet set is bound together by cotton embroidery thread from France. This trio is sure to make your drawers, car, or linen closet smell of calming lavender scents.

Inspired by traditional folk spirit symbols in Haiti, our Veve Symbol Sachets are exquisite in look, feel, and smell and call to the spirits of the sky, of love, and of hard work.

The Veve Spirit Ogoun embodies the energy of the male warrior and calls on the power of iron. He is the spirit of metal work, rum, and rum-making.
  • 100% linen
  • 100% cotton embroidery thread from France
  • Open bud organic lavender from California
  • Fair trade certified 
  • Made in Haiti

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